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zSOLD ~ Nightwatch Seated Nude Woman Sideways Thinking Woman Charcoal Drawing

zSOLD ~ Nightwatch Seated Nude Woman Sideways Thinking Woman Charcoal Drawing

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  • Charcoal on Paper
  • 25 x 18 inches
  • Available, Framed with Museum Glass (non-glare)

Nightwatch - Original Charcoal Drawing of Nude Woman

Framed with classic black frame, acid-free mat, and Museum Glass [for minimal reflection]

    This charcoal drawing of an Italian model Sarah was created and debuted in Florence, Italy.  I drew on a grey piece of Italian-made paper, with charcoal added wherever I wanted something darker than the paper, and white pastel where I needed light.  Several people at the exhibit Luce dall'Oscurità remarked that this drawing reminded them of the light of Caravaggio, a famous Italian artist and key player in art history.  This is a black and white drawing in charcoal and a wee bit of pastel on a grey Roma-brand drawing paper.  Then a touch of color adds some interest, such as the red friendship bracelet and the magenta and purple blanket in pastel.

Nightwatch Live Model Session with Nude Female Model Charcoal Drawing with Mask due to allergies

    I wore a dust mask during part of the drawing process because of a couple of days experiencing winter allergies.  Charcoal dust (made while sharpening the charcoal to a point) is not healthy to breathe, but normally, the artist does not bother with a mask for this medium.  The blue cast in the photo came from a curtain behind the camera.

    ~ Kelly Borsheim, artist


    P.S. Payment plans are accepted on all of my works, no finance charge.  You set the date and the amount that you would like to pay each month.  One-third of the price [regardless of when that balance is reached] becomes the non-refundable deposit.  However, in the event that you change your mind or situation, this deposit may be applied towards any other available Borsheim Artwork.  Please contact me if this original charcoal and pastel drawing interests you.

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