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Splash Waves Crashing On Rocks Water Art ~ Le Cinque Terre Italy

Splash Waves Crashing On Rocks Water Art ~ Le Cinque Terre Italy

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  • Charcoal with black and blue pastels on Paper
  • 20.8 x 29 inches (53 x 74 cm)
  • Available

Splash original charcoal drawing

     Mesmerizing!  Hypnotizing!  Relaxing and exciting at the same time!  I hope you enjoy my fine art charcoal drawing of waves splashing up over rock piers near cliffs and sea with cloudy skies in Vernazza, one of the villages of Le Cinque Terra, Italy.  Such force!  Such power!  Such joy in watching this repeated meeting of water and rock.

     Monochromatic images tend to move me emotionally in a very different and profound way than those with color.  But sometimes, I like to add a surprise splash (hahaha) of color to a drawing.  On this charcoal drawing of a seascape in Italy, I added some black pastel to increase the range of tones for a higher contrast, but I also added a wee bit of blue into the rocks.  The paper I used is a thick paper made in Valleriana, Tuscany, Italy.

~  Kelly Borsheim, artist

Drawing Splash while watching an eclipse live on the Internet

Kelly Borsheim's Art - Notan Design Black and White Shapes Drawing Process


    I include here an image of the beginning of the drawing for Splash. The Splash one was extra fun because I was drawing in Italy while watching the solar eclipse live online in the USA and thinking of the connection between the moon and water... and women.
    I generally start by working out the design of the dark shapes vs. the light ones, or Notan Design
    BOTH drawings [Splash and Spotlight] are on the same size paper.  You may receive a savings for buying both of the drawings at the same time.  Each is framed and matted and ready to hang.


BUY ONE for $1600, BOTH for $3000.

(Contact Studio so I may create a special listing for your double purchase and pay conveniently online here.)

    53 x 74 cm; 20.8 x 29 inches
    charcoal w/black pastel
    Thick paper made in Valleriana, Tuscany
    See the finished Spotlight

     If you prefer a fine art PRINT of Splash, please click here:

P.S.  Payment plans (LayAway) are accepted on all of my works, no finance charge.  You set the date and the amount that you would like to pay each month.  One-third of the price [regardless of when that balance is reached] becomes the non-refundable deposit.  However, in the event that you change your mind or situation, this deposit may be applied towards any other available Borsheim Artwork.  Please contact me if this original charcoal and pastel drawing interests you.

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