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Dusk, Night, Color, Scarves, and Sculpture ~ Borsheim Art News

What is inside this BorsheimArts newsletter 30 August 2022:

** New Painting:  Venezia Fish Market at Night
** New Painting:  Vineyard in Fog, Montecarlo
** New Pastels, color explorations
** Pre-Labor Day Sale of digital format artworks and photographs
** My art printed on products
** TWO lovely stone sculptures by Vasily Fedorouk
** Wearable illustrations by Dragana Adamov
** Small bronze portrait by Kumiko Suzuki


Dear Art Lover,

     How wonderful to be able to write to you to share new art!  How has your August gone?  I have taken the opportunity of hot days, thankfully finally followed by some storms, short, but some left some rain in their passing... such a joy!

     I put a pause on the stone carving while I picked up my brushes again:  Creating by the seasons, as it were.

     Two new paintings, both are 50 x 70 cm (just under 20 x 28 inches).  Both are painted with oils, but one is on primed wood panel, while the other was painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas.

Venezia Fish Market at Night   

     I love the nights and when I can, I enjoy walking around to see how the limited light and dark skies enchant and intrigue.  This scene shows the fish market in Venezia, Italia, on the right.  The Grand Canal is just under the palazzo on the left, between it and the footbridge.  I loved the way the neon sign reflected into the jostling low waves of the water.

As I did in several of my pastel drawings of Morocco back in 2013, as well as a more recent charcoal drawing of Venice, Italy, I also put in a lone figure in this scene.  You may note the woman hiding behind a wall, looking over her shoulder.  I will allow you to tell the rest of the story . . .

Click here for more information:

original oil painting on wood of the Fish market in Venice, Italy, as seen at night, a lone woman hides behind a wall


Vineyard in Fog Montecarlo Tuscany

     This painting was inspired by a foggy evening at dusk.  I had helped with my landlord's olive harvest in 2018.  It was a year in which we had three times the volume of olives than what was normal.  Thus, on 3 December, he and his brother chose to go to the olive press (frantoio) of their cousin in Montecarlo (Tuscany).  I went along for the ride, never having been to that particular location.  

     After exploring the frantoio, I decided to take his dog Gregory da Pisa out to explore the darkening day.  Next door was a vineyard, ready for winter sleep it seemed.  There was enough light to see the homes on the hill behind the grapevines.
Enchanting!  Later, when I decided that this scene was a painting, I wanted to give myself a challenge to make a painting that I liked using only a purple, a Venetian red, and white.  I wanted to see how many cool and warm mixtures I could make on the canvas.  

     I love the result!  Vineyard in Fog, Montecarlo is oil on a 50 x 70 cm (about 20 x 28 in) canvas.  It is gallery-wrapped with the sides painted as if the image continued.  Thus, framing is optional.  Let me know if I may package this up for you and ship her out.  Shipping is included in the price.

Artist Kelly Borsheim holds up her new oil painting Vineyard in Fog, Montecarlo Tuscany, photo by Jane Sulicich

Thanks to Jane Sulicich for taking this photograph of artist and art in front of the home I rent.

Vineyard in Fog Montecarlo Tuscany, an original oil painting using surreal colors by artist Kelly Borsheim art


New Pastels, Color Explorations

      I recently finished my second online course in 2 years with The Colorist Casey Klahn.  He is a wonderful artist and person who lives in the Seattle, US, area.  With every new artwork I create, no matter the medium, I want to learn something, as well as express an idea.

     Casey is interested in color as the reason for a painting, the language of the painting.  He prefers that color take precedent over tone, a difficult idea for me to grasp!  As he said, "The colorists' work is not about light.  Color is, from one way of looking, energy.  It involves light in the science of seeing, but pigments and the interactions of color are quite different from just 'light.'  Light does not explain color as a subject."]  

     However, I am very interested in the emotional response to color, so Casey is my go-to artist.

     I also enjoy his teaching because he is not interested in teaching his students how to paint like him.  Thus, when he critiques our work (subject matter, if not a copy for learning, is up to us), he does not say, 'Use this color here,' for example.  Instead, he will ask us to 3-d plot out our color choices of a work-in-progress, then look for how dynamically the plot is laid out.  Examining the plot, you would be in a better position to choose whether to add or remove a color based on the energy you wish to portray.  Per Casey, an odd number of hues in a composition creates more dynamic paintings.  [Not all artworks need to be dynamic in energy.  The idea is for the artist to understand what emotion s/he is communicating and how best to use color to do that.]

     Or Casey may suggest with words, as he critiqued one of my projects:
"A triad of the secondaries [purple, orange, and green] is very stable, and can be TOO stable.  One way to save this triad is to modify ONE.  For example, modify ONE secondary (make it duller [less intense] or make it a tertiary).  Another way:  ADD two hues that are tertiary.  Another way:  add one primary and one tertiary."  Do you see that those solutions enable one to keep an odd number of hues, assuming she had one from the onset?
Other quotes I like, as he strives for something new:
"When painting freely, there is no right or wrong.  If there was, no progress would be made in the history of art."   

"Colors inter-relate and have actions, one upon the other.  And they cause reactions in you."
~ Casey Klahn
     Each of us has our own sense of color, whether or not we recognize that.  I have heard so many times, "I know nothing about art, but I do (or do not) like that painting." One need "know" nothing.  Visual artists are trying to communicate in a different language than the spoken one.  You just need to FEEL something.  If you do not, then the artist has failed in that one artwork for YOU.  Other people will respond differently, perhaps.  

     It is why it is so thrilling when someone connects with a work of art:  it is not easy to touch a button in someone else's soul.

     So without further ado, here are some of my finished explorations [some images are in the next section below this one]:

    *  Settignano Purple Tree

    *  Mystic Olive Grove

    *  Orange Tuscan Hills

    *  Tuscan Road in Shadows


Pre-Labor Day sale:  Etsy shop BorsheimArts

    I offer many types of art in my Etsy shop for those on a budget.  Although there are some original art pieces, most are prints, or even select small artworks, as well as photographs and drawings in digital format.  I started those during Covid to make it safer for people to receive a file and print out at home or online, as you choose.  It allowed people to stay home and still do fun things, such as decorate the home or use the images to make note cards to mail to friends and family (or even in the same house!) to help us all feel connected. 


     Enjoy this Pre-Labor Day SALE of digital format artworks and photographs, start here to see the pastel artworks I just wrote about:

Etsy landscapes:

Etsy shop BorsheimArts sells fine art and illustrations for your home or gift giving

Pre-Labor Day SALE on Etsy shop:
Find what moves you and great gift giving... so many kinds of art to share!
A few days only, ending early on 2 September, Friday.

Colorful art available in digital format or fine art prints from the artist Kelly Borsheim
Colorful art available in digital format or fine art prints from the artist Kelly Borsheim


Redbubble and FAA:  Art on products

     Printing my work on products you live with every day has always interested me.  I started off on that foot with Print-on-Demand art supply Fine Art America.  Recently, I decided to get started on Redbubble.  I have known about them for years and wish I had started my own shop there years ago, but at times, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of time I spend on the computer.  These images will show you some of the things you may buy there.  I am not sure, but they may have a sale going on, for the entire site.  Check my shop out at:

BorsheimArts on Redbubble:

Put your favorite artworks on things you use every day in your home!  BorsheimArts has a lot of offerings online
Put your favorite artworks on things you use every day in your home!  BorsheimArts has a lot of offerings online
And here is a fun one from a photograph I took in Austin, Texas, years ago.  Happy Halloween parties!
create your own Halloween party invitations or home decor with this photo printed on many things, offered by BorsheimArts


Fine Art America:  

Onsies!  And so much more:  My usual place to order framed prints (choose your frames online and have the art shipped directly to your door, ready to hang... great gift service!)

Stone sculptures by Vasily Fedorouk

     Vasily Fedorouk was my friend.  A Ukrainian-American sculptor, we met in 2001 at the sculpture symposium in Marble, Colorado.  Over the years our friendship grew and he taught me so much about art, especially in the old European-Russian way of thinking.  I would love to find great and loving homes for his work.  He died in 2009, after saving his dog Era from drowning:  such a horrible end to a noble act.

     In the sense of all true artists, he experimented with shapes and themes, and even combined materials, as you will see in "Magic Square" [the black granite and a glass lens composition]
     His wife will ship the artwork from the Chicago area.  Just contact me or visit his site directly at:

     I love this marble sculpture of a flame with bas-relief figures carved into the side planes.  This is a fairly large sculpture (about 1 meter / yard high) and can grace the indoors or an outdoor garden area beautifully.

Fire Dance

Fire Dance, contemporary sculpture in marble by Vasily Fedorouk , Chicago

    34 h x 7 w x 7 inches
    White Marble
    copyright 2007 Vasily Fedorouk
    Available directly from the family:  $6000


Magic Square:

     I just found this article online.   It must have been the last art exhibit Vasily himself was alive to see.  Features his Magic Square sculpture.
Magic Square   $8500   20 H x 17 W x 8 D in 

Black granite diamond with a cut oval inside.  Inside of that is a circular lens, similar to an eye.  Mixed media sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk in Chicago.


Wearable Illustrations:  Dragana Adamov

     As we enter the season of changes, it is smart to adapt clothing to always feel comfortable.  Scarves are an elegant way to stay warm in the cooler evenings without having to carry something heavier during the still hot parts of the day, especially if you are out and about in the times between day and night.

     Serbian-Italian artist (and my former flatmate) Dragana Adamov is a passionate artist and designer for such brand names as Gucci.  Here, we present her own illustrations made into soft scarves.  

Madame Shoe illustration by Dragana Adamov is printed onto this soft scarf for your gifting or wearing pleasure.  Order today for fall!
Madame Shoe design on a scarf.


Woman's scarf foulard silk is from a hand-drawn design based on shoes by Dragana Adamov

Dragana:  Tiger Shoe Scarf.. perfect for fall adventures!

Bronze portrait by Kumiko Suzuki


small one of a kind bronze portrait of a woman with a large bun piled up and behind her head. art by Kumiko Suzuki

     This small, but beautifully shaped head of a woman with large bun of thick hair pulled up and back from her skull is a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture.  Created by artist Kumiko Suzuki in wax and cast directly into bronze, this is not a limited edition bronze.  Click on the link to see more views and size information.



September is a beautiful month.  I thank you for reading this far and supporting the work of my guest artists, as well as myself.  



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