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Going Home Fez Morocco Walking in Alley Black and White Charcoal Drawing Single Figure carrying Groceries Home Fine Art PRINT

Going Home Fez Morocco Fine Art PRINT

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Going Home (Print):

     A solo adventure in Morocco some years ago led me away from the tourist centers of town, looking at the light falling around the architecture. The solitary figure carrying two bags, one in each hand, enchanted me as he walked right into the light. This is a print of the original charcoal drawing on paper. The image area is as listed and the white border is around the image, making the print a wee bit larger.

If you prefer the original drawing, visit this page:


     Each fine art reproduction is printed on quality Italian paper. (The word "Print" will not appear on the print.)


Framing Tips:

     I recommend framing behind a non-glare glass, with a mat, and simple frame. The color of the mat and frame should go with the color of the print. Care for your print just as you would any work on paper: do not display in direct sun and protect from humidity. The framer should attach the print to the support ONLY on the TOP edge, allowing the paper to hang freely behind the mat. That freedom allows the paper to respond well to most levels of changing humidity.


Thank you for your order, for you or someone important to you.


Kelly Borsheim