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Girl With Onions Pastel Painting After Sargent

Girl With Onions Pastel Painting After Sargent

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Girl with Onions, After John Singer Sargent

32 x 18 cm (12.5 x 7 in)
Pastel, framed behind glass, as shown

by Kelly Borsheim
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    Girl with Onions is a copy in pastels of a John Singer Sargent painting, a beautiful portrait of a young woman in peasant dress. She seems to be just turning to smile at someone while not yet having looked up to meet the other's eyes. She has a large crop of dark hair that falls in tendrils around her face. Romantic art is uplifting without being cheesy.

     This is a copy of a famous artist's work, however this is an original pastel painting on paper of Kelly Borsheim's interpretation of this portrait of a young woman in peasants' dress. 

"AFTER Sargent" means that John Singer Sargent created the original composition, but this is not an artwork by his hand.


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