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Solitary Boy Boy in the Striped Tunnel Marrakesh Morocco Exhibition Pastel Art Pastel Drawing on Black Paper

Boy in the Striped Tunnel Marrakesh Morocco Exhibition Pastel Art

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Passages ~ Morocco:  An Art Exhibition by Kelly Borsheim

(all copyrights 2013-2014 reserved by the artist)
A Collection of Eleven Artworks

Boy in the Striped Tunnel

  • (Marrakesh, Morocco)
  • 46 x 64 cm (18 x 25 in.)
  • Pastel on black Italian-made paper
  • ©  Kelly Borsheim

           I feel grateful for a great many things, but mostly my ability, through you, to live my life and explore the world and our humanity through artistic eyes.  In 2012, I traveled to Morocco.  Alone.

           It was an adventure to be sure.  My favorite parts were the children playing in the streets or walking through the corridors.  They were charming, though, often smiling shyly at me before resuming their games.  And I did enjoy the light.  In the end, I am happy with my trip.  And I would like to present to you the first in the new art collection/exhibition titled, "Passages - Morocco."  I hope you enjoy your travels and can also journey with me for a bit longer . . .

The Artist:

Artist Kelly Borsheim in Fez, Morocco Photo by Simone Crew 2012

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