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The Birth of Beauty ~ Borsheim Art News

What is inside this Mother's Day art newsletter:
** Birth of Beauty - marble
** Pregnancy - bronze
** Decisions
** Moving Stone - pietra serena

 Dear Art Lover,

     Well, happy Mother's Day!  For all of those who have given birth and for all of those people who have played the role of a caring mother, whether or not biologically or even a woman, for someone, anyone, we celebrate your kindness and love.  

     I want to share with you two original sculptures by my Ukrainian-American friend and mentor Vasily FedoroukThe Birth of Beauty and Pregnancy.

Tall white marble sculpture The Birth of Beauty by Vasily Fedorouk is seen here shown alone, and in a living room with fireplace and two of the same artists paintings on the wall.

     I love the maternal positions of the hands in "The Birth of Beauty" ... one hand with fingers splayed, resting over the tummy in a gesture I have seen every pregnant woman do.  The other arm relaxes over the first, palm up, resembling the support of cradling a baby.  Do you feel the same?

     His wife Dilbarra tells me that Vasily's thoughts were on the rise of harmony, love, and motherhood.  Of the two men below Aphrodite that you see in profile, one is old, the other young.  However, she is unclear of his intended meaning for the men in those positions.  She believes that they are there to protect her, perhaps men inspired by the woman's beauty?  Or the two figures represent past and future, while Aphrodite or Venus, is the present.  Or perhaps they represent the Eternity of Beauty in the birth of the new.

     I personally love art that is open for the viewer to decide his own interpretation, do you?

View more images, size and price information for the marble sculpture "The Birth of Beauty," click here:

14 inch tall bronze statue of pregnant woman sitting on her heels looks beautiful on this shelf.  To the left is a small framed image of painting by the same artist, Ukrainian Vasily Fedorouk
     There is a grace and elegance to this composition of the figure.  A slow appreciation of the line, but also the changing of the form when two lives make three.


Another view of bronze sculpture Pregnancy with greenish tint in the patina and mounted on a small block of green marble.  Artist is the late Vasily Fedorouk from Ukraine.

For different views and more information about the bronze "Pregnancy," go here:


     It is a joy to celebrate loving relationships whenever we can and to appreciate one another more than ever.  I was catching up with news of the war in Ukraine recently and ran across the phrase "War Crimes."  Two powerful words that together express that we apparently have decided that there exists an acceptable level of violence.

     And that last thought reminds me of a TED talk I heard years ago about how we use the word "Decided."   It stuck in my head all this time because the speaker explains how we often hear phrases that close a door, when in fact, if you listen, you will discover that those chosen words actually mean that the door is open, if just a crack.  A clever person will see the opportunity and make himself the exception to the rule.  

     I feel that way about violence.  Maybe not a lot of hope that it will ever stop, but the opportunity is there if enough of us are willing to push.  [hahha... see the connection to mothers?]

Find the enlightening video here, "How Five Simple Words Can Get You What You Want" by Janine Driver:  


Moving Stone - pietra serena

     I have been working on several larger / longer projects this year and you may catch glimpses of them on my channel on YouTube or Patreon.
     I recently finished carving this large sign (not quite 1800 pounds / 800 kilograms) for my neighbors.  If you love how machinery works, as I do, this 8.5 minute video shows the move from the quarry to the stone's new home:

The background story is shared on the YouTube video page.

Truck with moving arm to lift and move heavy stone carving from quarry to its new home in Tuscany, Italy.

     You may also see other current works in progress shown on my channel and Patrons on Patreon get even more behind-the-scenes posts and see new art first.
Check it out here:

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Thank you,
Kelly Borsheim, sculptor

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