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Tasmania, Portraiture, and Art Search with Guest Artists

In this issue of Borsheim Art News, 1 February, 2023:
  • Tasmania in the Clouds
  • Texas visit as portrait commission manifests into bronze.
  • Art - Processes and Tutorials on Patreon and YouTube channel
  • Teaching in North Carolina in May
  • Search tool on site
  • Artists Vasily, Dragana, and Kumiko
  • Happy Valentine's Day soon!

     Happy February and soon San Valentino, oy!  I am so happy to share with you these following artworks.  

Tall spindly trees tickling the skies from within transparent cloud cover in Tasmania. This painting is now available as prints and on other home decor items.

     Finally, my fault entirely, I have gotten a high-resolution image of my large oil painting, Tasmania in the Clouds.  The original artwork (80 x 100 cm [about 31.4 x 39.4 inches]) is in a private collection in Tasmania.  But now I can offer quality fine art prints and home decor items and share with you this composition of Dr. Seuss-like trees that are so typical of that gorgeous island in the south of Australia.  My life was in limbo between Italy and Croatia during the time that I had to send the painting to Tasmania and thus, I was unable to get a good image of my own work.  Many thanks to the painting's owner for making this happen!


Click here:

Tasmania landscape printed on a couch pillow from BorsheimArts


Bronze Portrait of a Texas Man:

     Do you enjoy portraiture?  I have been rather involved with my portrait commission of a late Texan that will be cast in bronze once I finish the clay sculpture and then make the mold.  You may follow my progress in a couple of places, namely YouTube, Patreon (for posts that only art patrons there can see), and occasionally on other social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

     I will be returning to Texas to work with my foundry in the Hill Country, but as of this writing, I do not know exactly when.  I received more changes from my client this morning, thus extending the work a bit more.

Artist Kelly Borsheim uses her hands to make a portrait of a man in clay, for bronze casting later.

See playlists to focus on any topic of your preference:










Creating Bronze Sculptures:

Other playlist titles:  Pastels, Drawing or Painting Tutorials, Stone Carving Process, and more.

Get more of the behind-the-scenes posts and images of creating the art and some of the wackiness of my life:


Portrait sculpture tutorials and progress images on YouTube and Patreon by artist Kelly Borsheim




Teaching in North Carolina in mid-May:

Short info:      Saturday afternoon, May 13, 2023; Sanford, North Carolina
                         Saturday afternoon, May 20, 2023; Cary, North Carolina
Both Floral Painting classes, 4 hours each one.               

     The Sanford Brush & Palette Club in Sanford, North Carolina, has invited me to teach a painting workshop on the Saturday before Mother's Day... hence 13 May 2023.   Tea will be served starting at noon, and the floral painting class will run from 2 - 6 p.m.  This should be a fun activity with Moms, but also anyone who would love to paint.

     In addition to that, I will be teaching a similar workshop the following weekend with another art group in Cary.

     I still have to create the two choices of images we will paint from and clarify other details, but I thought I would give you the heads-up on these events.  It would be lovely to meet you there!



Search Tool and Guest Artists:

          Do you know about or find useful the little magnifying glass search tool on my site at ?
     I have been working on making this more useful by including more keywords on each artwork page.  For example, you may enter any word you like in your search for art, such as a location name, partial title to an artwork you know or subject that interests you, a color (are you trying to match your couch?), and sometimes a proportion (tall and narrow, for example).

Try it out!

Search the site of BorsheimArts, here is how it looks on a phone Web site

     How the search and menu bars look like on a Smart phone.  Below, on a laptop.













Where the Search Tool icon exists on BorsheimArts Web site on a laptop.  Very handy!




Artists Vasily, Dragana, and Kumiko

Search "Vasily":

Search "Couple Gift":

Unison, a ceramic sculpture of Adam, Eve, and the apple by Vasily Fedorouk

     Vasily was born in the Ukraine and studied art in Kiev.  Art ships from the Chicago area of the US.



Search:  Dragana

Search "plates":

Designer plates of exotic shoes drawn and created by artist Dragana Adamov



Search Kumiko:

Search "woman":

marble portrait sculpture of a woman with long flowing hair by artist Kumiko Suzuki on BorsheimArts



 These are all cool and unique gifts for any art collector or even art lover. 


I wish you a charming and love-filled Valentine's Day and year.

Thank you for reading... and happy SEARCHING!



Kelly Borsheim, artist


P.S.  Still looking for affordable and quick gift?  Check out my digital download photographs available in my Etsy Shop:  BorsheimArts  

The most popular image is this one of hanging laundry surrounded by colorful buildings on the island of Burano in Italy.  I have a whole series of them for you to choose your favorite or make a small collage-type collection of prints, as you like:

laundry hangs among colorful buildings on the island of Burano near Venice, Italy available as a digital download fine art



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