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Free Holiday Gift, Art Giving Ideas ~ Borsheim Art News

Dear Art Lover,

     Hello and happy December!  I know you are busy this month, so here is a quick summary of what is in this letter:

  • The Art of Giving ~ tips by Singulart
  • FREE gift for subscribers
  • Holiday ornaments, but order SOON.
  • Choice works of art
  • Guest Artist gems


The Art of Giving

     If you are considering giving art of any kind, or even any gift other than food or consumables (candles, fire-starters, practical stuff, etc.), this article may be of use to you to help you decide WHAT you would like to give.

     My favorite quotes from this article, The Art of Giving from Singulart:  
"Your main goal here is to spark an emotion: may it be joy, serenity, confusion or surprise."

     "Gifting is about sharing. If you are happy about your purchase, you will share your emotions along with the gift and the recipient will feel it too. So keep it fun and inspiring for yourself too!"

FREE GIFT for subscribers!

     I currently have four designs of digital download GIFT TAGS.  If you visit my Etsy shop, please e-mail me or respond to this newsletter with the link copied from the browser of the ONE image that you would like to use for your holiday gifting, and I will send you the files as shown in the listing.

Go to the shop at:
See the menu at the left and select the 2nd one:  Gift Tags Wrap, click on the one you want and then send me that direct link for your free tags.  Buone Feste!

gift tag printables for personal use, subscribers may claim their free gift files

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NEW stuff - Let us go Vintage!  

     Vintage Italian Digital Papers:  seems an oxymoron, no?  I photographed these antique designs hand-printed in Venezia, Italia and turned them into digital papers for scrap-booking, collage, and other craft uses.  I hope you enjoy (and more coming, little by little).

Vintage hand-printed Italian papers now available in digital files for crafters and scrapbooking

See them here:


Vintage Italian Posters: Great gifts for kitchen, dining room, or bar decor!

Vintage Italian food and drink posters available now as digital files

Check out these food & drink vintage posters:

Venice Shoe ornaments: 

     I am so enamored of this illustration inspired by the Serenissima Island City.

1)  Plastic ovals ornaments with Venice Shoe design, printed on both sides and includes the year (hurry, because US shipping seems to be problematic this year):

Zazzle created plastic oval Christmas ornaments inspired by Venice, Italy

2)  If you prefer wood ornaments (printed only on one side, but has a magnet on the back side), go here:
[Note:  I ordered two, and they arrived inside ONE gift bag.  Plan accordingly.]

order oval wood holiday ornaments from fineartamerica and Kelly Borsheim artist

and my shop there in case other images grab you:

     I take requests... if you want another image you do not see on this page, please write me and I will upload the one or two you want.

Featured art for this lovely holiday season:

paintings and figure sculpture personalize and warm up a room, buy now directly from the artist

Fontana di Lucca, oil painting on canvas, 1200 USD:

Together and Alone, bronze sculpture, 4200 USD:

charcoal drawing of man's chest with interlocking fingers, Entwined is a charming and beautiful artwork
Entwined, charcoal and white pastel on grey paper, framed, 1700 USD:  

marble carving of an abstracted male diver just as he enters the water sits on a coffee table as a focal point in the living room art
Diver, one-of-a-kind marble sculpture, only 1800 USD:

Guest Artists: 

     Listed on the menu under Sculpture, check out creations by my friends:

Vasily Fedorouk

Pillow, a figure squeezes a pillow to her torso while her legs are spread out horizontally in front and she looks to heaven, ceramic sculpture

Pillow, ceramic sculpture --- so fun this one! And only $1000 US!

Dragana Adamov:

designer plates ... show your personality as funky and fun, by Dragana Adamov
For more information, click here:


Venice shoe, available as large prints too ... illustration by Dragana Adamov

Large and small prints available.  Discover more here:

Kumiko Suzuki:

marble portrait of a woman, sculpture by Kumiko Suzuki

Marble Head ~ Woman, Carrara marble sculpture, 2200 USD:

Charles Umlauf:  

Detail of the bronze Kiss sculpture by Charles Umlauf
For more views, visit:

     Happy Soltice soon enough.  Happy holidays!  I hope to disappear into my studio in this time of merry-making, but I would love to hear how you spend this month.

Cheers and hugs,

Kelly Borsheim, artist


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     Thank you for your comments and feedback.  It helps to create art content that you want to see.

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