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The Season of Gratitude

Dear Art lover,

     On this American festival of Giving Thanks, I want to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate your presence in my life, one way or another.  There is a lot of ugliness, brutality, insecurities, and fears rearing their ugly heads all over the world.  Thus, it is important for each of us, as often as we can, to show kindness and appreciation of others (when merited).  

     Personally, while I have painful and what feels like wasted days now while I am still recuperating, I also feel grateful.  I feel grateful to that little pilot light inside of me that saved me during high school, but also that upon the shock of the impact of my head on the seabed, I only opened my eyes.  Had I opened my mouth, I would have inhaled salt water and sand.  And this story would have a very different ending.

     I have started painting small things because using my hands means using the shoulder muscles on my back, near the surgeon's cut, and that increases inflammation and pain still.  I have two small Christmas markets upcoming in which I hope to share some of my little holiday offerings.  

     But today is Thanksgiving, so I will close by showing you two oil paintings I had done some time ago of food.  Just ask if interested.

art print from oil painting, a still life artwork of Artichoke, Radishes, potatoes, and a cornucopia of sorts
Artichoke, Radishes, Potatoes, and Leaves

Still Life Food Painting:

red white and green oil painting framed of red cloth, green olives, and a Tuscan white ceramic oil vase.
Olives and Oil:

     Enjoy your time with your loved ones and take good care.  Share kindness.

Thanks to you,

P.S.  Two vertebrae in my middle rib cage area were broken in an accident on the beach this past July.  A wave slammed me under the shallow seabed as I had turned to walk towards the beach after a swim.  The doctors and rescue staff told me repeatedly to stay still on my back (for five days) or I risked losing the use of my legs.  I had surgery in Livorno, Italy, on 25 July 2023, to stabilize the vertebrae by installing eight screws and some titanium bars in the surrounding bones of my spine.  I can walk and I am currently waiting on new X-rays to see what is wrong with my lower spine.  After that, I hope to start therapy.  
     My siblings set up this page to share the story.  If interested, click here:
Thank you.



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