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30 July 2020

Dear Art Lover,

     Happy International Friendship Day!  How lovely.  I read that in India, at least, the day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August, but hey, celebrating positive things in life merits a few days, right?

     During the quarantine, I started up a shop on Etsy (BorsheimArts).  I am focusing on Digital Downloads (you print in the comfort of your home), as well as Fine Art Prints that I print for you and ship you.  

     I have created some images you may have never seen before.  I also am offering some very affordable classical style figure drawings.  They are helpful if you teach or want to learn art, or if you just LOVE drawings, as I do.  Check out the listings and request something if you do not see it here:


Insatiable is a fun and seriously colorful painting I did back in 2009, a comment on a would-be playboy.  hahaha.  The painting sold some years ago, but you may use a print to enliven any space in your home.  Only $6.99

Insatiable !  A digital download offering art YOU print from Borsheim Arts Studio

Artist Kelly Borsheim monitors art reproduction quality on Piano Keys

Here I am in Venezia monitoring the quality of one of my art prints from "Piano Keys," a large painting that sold in 2005.

Classical art drawing by Kelly Borsheim, available as a digital download

     Not all of my offerings are from sold works, some such as the drawing I did above (a copy of Prudhon) is also available as the framed original.  However, I am trying to offer art for all budgets.  Hence, the Etsy shop:  BorsheimArts

     Below is another example of how you may enjoy a digital download.  The first image is one of my photographs, the second, a pastel drawing:

digital download as a notecard image is of Austin Texas Skyline

Pastel drawing as a digital download Virus-free art!


New Site:

     I also just finished moving my site to Shopify and I feel that things are easier to find now.  I also like that I may curate my art a bit by any keyword that I (or you) choose.  The search option for art within the site is super helpful!  In addition, there are many more options with which you may pay for art.  Thank you to my art collector Richard who told me that he was thrilled with his purchase on Etsy since they now accept more than just PayPal.  I had no idea that PayPal was not an agreeable option for some.  Now, my site, as well as Etsy, gives you more CHOICES!  Have a look:

     Some fun lately:  Several collectors have sent me images of how they have framed my art.  I must admit that framing is NOT a natural talent for me and I often tell my framers to show me what they feel is wonderful.  Here are some of the examples from others:

Piano Keys art reproduction by Kelly Borsheim

On exhibit:  Piano Keys, one of the few remaining reproductions done from a 4 x 5 transparency on canvas (if you would love one of those, please contact me).  The new ones are on paper and a wee bit smaller than this.

This exhibit in Norfolk, Virginia showcases as well another print on canvas from a 4 x 5 "The Triumph of Icarus," of the original painting sold in 2004.  The bronze statues are titled "The Little Mermaid."  You receive a choice in unique patinas.

The Triumph of Icarus and bronze Mermaid sculptures in a room with a piano

Rose Passage, Morocco Pastel Drawing framed in Rome Italy

This is a newly framed reproduction of "Rose Passage ~ Marrakesh, Morocco" of my original pastel drawing.  This frame composition was done by Martinelli Cornici in Rome, Italy.  Thank you, art collector Lisa Tucci!


Library of dreams reproduction of charcoal drawing framed with white, black and red.

I     How beautiful and striking are these thin line accents of bright red within a black frame and the double matting of the fine art print of my original charcoal drawing "Library of Dreams.'   This frame job was ordered by one of my newer collectors, Shirley in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Library of dreams reproduction of charcoal drawing framed with white, black and red.  Detail


Sisters :  A Marble Carving

     Another thing that I have been working on is a marble stone carving commission.  It is a portrait of two sisters in Austin, Texas.  I have been creating videos of my design and carving process in both English and Italian.  I post occasionally progress images and short videos on my Instagram and Facebook, but mainly I have my art-making videos on my YouTube channel here:
Look for the videos with "Sisters" in the titles.

Sisters Marble Carving Work in Progress Picture

     Above, you may see my drawing directly on the stone, notes to myself for where to cut next.  Work-in-Progress (WIP), Carrara marble, by Kelly Borsheim.

     It is all FREE to watch, although 'liking,' commenting, and subscribing tells YouTube that they should allow more people to find my channel there.  For some reason after publishing 3-4 of this particular series, the video editor started to freeze up on me.  Now that I have most of the Web site work done, I will shift my "under the hot sun" hours to figuring out how to move beyond this issue and get more of these videos online.

     And finally, the following article on Artsy gives some interesting points to protect yourself in online purchasing.  It is mainly focused on gallery collectors, but I think the information is valuable also when working directly with individual artists.  It is always good to be aware.  Those intending evil seem to have an upper hand because they know their intentions when we cannot.

     Let me know if I may help you put some art joy into your life, and have fun browsing through my Etsy shop and my own new site.  

     Thank you, and please stay safe and take the high road.  There is enough negativity in the world, and as one dear to me said this morning, "No one wants to listen anymore." It seem true.  So often, we listen to respond (counter), instead of listening to learn.



Geometry in the Figure in Stone by Vasily Fedorouk:

          Queen, a stone sculpture by my mentor and friend Vasily Fedorouk. I love the way that Vasily combines a geometric design with the human figure.  He could carve anything! 

If his sculpture interests you, please contact Vasily's family via his Web site at

Queen Stone Carving by Vasily Fedorouk National Gallery London Museum

© Vasily Fedorouk

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer
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