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[nude man relinquishes to accept the light]
Relinquish is beautifully framed and ready to hang on your wall.
  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 [nude man relinquishes to accept the light]
  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 Relinquish is beautifully framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Relinquish Painting Vulnerability

內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費


50 x 70 cm (approx. 20" x 28")
Oil on Canvas
© 2009 Kelly Borsheim

$2500 (framed beautifully with beveled wood frame)

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This painting debuted at the solo exhibit
Luce dall'oscurità (Light from Darkness)
by Kelly Borsheim in Florence, Italy 2009

     The oil painting Relinquish won a perfect score from ALL three judges in the exhibition of Austin Visual Arts Association at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery in Austin, Texas, July 2011.

Original Oil Painting Relinquish       

     Often it is that once we let go, we can receive. Sometimes in the healing process, we just need to relinquish all resistance to allow the light to enter. This painting depicts a nude, vulnerable man accepting the light. This original oil painting by Kelly Borsheim includes a floor design based off of some paper patterns found in Florence, Italy.

        This figurative painting is beautifully framed, with the outer frame dimensions of 24.75 x 32.7 inches. The frame is a reddish coffee-colored Larson-Juhl Ansley frame with a beveled inner edge that accents the shapes of the door that permits the entrance of the light.


     Ernesto was my model for this painting, as well as many works during this time of healing for me. He was brilliant. He also posed for Entwined and Enough, and The Saint, among others.


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