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Borsheim Art News ~ New painting Rise, Land, Wedding Gifts, Safely Shipping Sculpture

What is inside this BorsheimArts newsletter June 2022:

** Rise – new oil painting by Kelly Borsheim
** Land (Mother Earth) – marble sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk
** Designer Plates make for elegant weddings or gifts by Dragana Adamov
** Small Framed Paintings:  The Alps and Fumaria Officinalis by Kelly Borsheim
** Packaging sculpture



Dear Art Lover,

     How exciting has June been thus far!  I have started on my visions of a series of paintings of man with wild animals.  It is thrilling to share with you my newest artwork, Rise.  Perhaps you have followed the development of this painting via Patreon or my YouTube channel?  Well, here he is completed ….


Large rootbeer-colored monochromatic painting of man and bird of prey, snowy owl, in light neutral colored living room


  • monochromatic painting (asphaltum – or rootbeer, as I like to call the color – and white)
  • oil on linen
  • 100 x 120 cm (about 40 h x 48 inches)
  • Available with shipping included.


Rise, a painting of man and his spirit animal, a snowy owl, hangs over the bed in a contemporary bedroom with southwest US touches decor
Spiritual awakening painting Rise, painted in neutral colors make a statement in this elegant living room.  It can do the same for your home or place of business.


See more images [the original sketch] and information here:


     A lot of my work is about transitions, as well as connections among different life forms.  The ego, at times, causes us to lose our way.  It is said that we must hit rock bottom in order to rise.  You can only go up from there.  But not everyone does.  It is still a choice.

     In this painting, a man is lying down, unaware of us, at rest, perhaps weary.  But he is facing the light of a new day.  He chooses to get up again.  His spirit emerges as a snowy owl, wings spread.  The bird of prey has emerged, flying, and is looking directly at the viewer.  He wants you to see him or perhaps he is curious to see you.

      The number eleven represents “Spiritual Awakening,” and you will see eleven pairs of eyes in this painting.  More owls are watching the metamorphosis, perhaps having undertaken this journey themselves.


Here are the background creation videos for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Rise ~ Starting a new Figurative Oil Painting, Man w/ Bird of Prey:
  2. Rise Oil Painting Part 2, 2022 March 07-09 Man Bird of Prey Owl:
  3. Rise ~ Painting Pt 3 ~ Adding Mystery to Composition by Kelly Borsheim:
  4. Video of glazing sun rays to RISE



Land (Mother Earth)  by Vasily Fedorouk

     Picasso marble is such a fun stone for many sculptors and Vasily enjoyed creating compositions with this gorgeous rock paired with a more solid color rose marble here.  The contrast really puts the focus on the Mother Earth figure, woman as landscape. 

     She will add elegance and inspiration to your home.  Stone is perfect for bathroom spaces since it handles humidity better than many other art materials.  But the sculpture will go well in any of your smaller spaces, a shelf or tabletop in your living room, as you like.

Woman as landscape Land as Mother Earth, a combined marble figure sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk
  • Two types of marble sculpture, with granite base
  • 9 h x 13 w x 7.5 inches
  • Available with shipping included, ships from the Chicago USA area.


Note:  This small scale sculpture is important to his life’s work because he developed this idea of woman as the land in THREE separate stone carving symposiums.  His sculptures became part of the permanent art collections of those sponsoring communities:

See those works here:

Turkey, 2006:
Alacati, Turkey 2007:
And back home in his native Ukraine, Baturyn [Baturin] is Land III, 2008:



See more views and purchase here:



Wedding Gifts Elegant Artistic Tableware

     These hand-drawn designs by my friend Dragana Adamov continue to enchant and fascinate.  Her plate collection makes for elegant weddings or even wedding gifts for art lovers.  

Which is your favorite?

Tiger Shoe Circus is the name of this hand-drawn design on elegant plates that yes, you CAN eat off of.  Elegant table settings, great gift idea also for weddings

     These gorgeous designer plates, the Tiger Shoe Circus by Dragana Adamov, bring a unique elegance to this table setting.  Discover more:


Bird on a Hand is the title of this artistic creation made into a collector plate that is fine for dining. great wedding gift, too.

Add some personal style to your table with these designer plates from the Adamov Collection. Bird on a Hand design. Buy individually or in numbers.



     Here are some small framed paintings for your viewing and buying pleasure.  Priced to sell, they make great gifts, too.


Small framed painting of The Swiss Alps in blues, purple, teal, and white, great gift art for mountain lovers by Kelly Borsheim


The Alps Snow Capped Mountains Aerial View Original Oil Landscape Painting:



Fumaria Officinalis Floral Painting in vintage Italian oval frame:

Trompe l'oeil painting of English Ivy and a wild flower emerging from an oval mat, metal oval frame Vintage Italian, great gift idea.

     You may also see other current works in progress shown on my channel and Patrons on Patreon get even more behind-the-scenes posts and see new art first.
Check it out here:

What do you think?  Let me know if you like this sort of content so that I make videos that interest you.

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Thank you and happy solstice,
Kelly Borsheim, sculptor

YouTube for instructional and art-making process videos, mostly:

For prints and digital downloads:


P.S.  Packaging Sculpture:   Sculpture can be fragile, even when heavy, during the shipping process.  Unless the artist does the delivery alone, there is no guarantee for how the package will be handled by anyone else.  Thus, it is important to understand that objects need protecting from drops, from being thrown (not kidding), and even being put into a truck with the “This side UP” being put on the bottom (also not kidding). 


At Borsheim Arts Studio, a heavy sculpture is crated because the wooden box gives a lot more support than any cardboard one.  However, often, how the art is packed INSIDE is even more important.  Extended parts need protecting.  Corners (for this idea is valid for framed 2-d artworks as well) need protecting.  


And NOT with those obnoxious free-floating Styrofoam bubbles!  If the object is heavier than those are, the object simply pushes out of the way the little buggers in its plunge towards the ground!  The only way to use those (if one must) is to put them in a full and securely sealed bag.


Still, we prefer a more solid foam, and use what we can to fill all the spaces around the sculpture.  That way, no matter how the box is turned, the sculpture stays put safely inside her travelling container.  


To see a video on how I use inexpensive and readily available materials to properly wrap a sculpture for shipping, check this out:

Proper way to package sculpture for shipping by Borsheim Arts Studio

A sculpture is crated with strong wood for better support during shipping to art collector

 Large bronze sculpture shipped safely from Italy to California in a crate.  Inside the bronze was blocked from moving internally.  Photo by art collector Clement Kong, sculpture by Kelly Borsheim

Above:  Large bronze sculpture shipped safely from Italy to California in a crate.  Inside, the bronze was blocked from moving internally.  Thank you to art collector Clement Kong for this photo of the "Rock Towers and Frog Legs" bronze sculpture by Kelly Borsheim


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