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In this original stone carving (in granite), a man turns to look behind him as he sits on top of a horse.  Beautiful sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk

Vasily Fedorouk Trust Granite Sculpture

內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費


  • 22.5 h x 18 x 7 inches 
  • one-of-a-kind granite (stone) sculpture
  • copyright 2000 Vasily Fedorouk
  • Price:  $ 6,800  USD [payment plan available]
  • Shipping in USA included, contact us for international rates

     This is a another great example of Vasily's voice in his figurative art.  In this original stone carving in hard granite, you see a man looking behind him as he sits on top of his horse.  This beautiful tabletop or garden sculpture is all one piece.  You see a tone difference because he brought to a fine polish the man and horse, whereas the base (waves?) part of the sculpture is left as raw cut stone (which makes it lighter than polished stone). 


      I find this title curious and a little tongue-in-cheek, as if trust does not truly exist.

~ Kelly Borsheim  about the sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk (d. 2009)

     Please visit the site and contact either Dilbara,  Vasily’s wife [via his Web site], or me, if you are interested in collecting any of his  available works.

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