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La Pausa Pastel Figure Silhouette Painting Restaurant Server Takes a Break by the backlit door of the kitchen Black Paper Art

La Pausa Pastel Figure Silhouette Painting Black Paper Art

內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費

  • Pastel on Black Italian Paper
  • 25 x 18 inches
  • Available, Framed

La Pausa ~ Original Pastel Painting

     There is a certain restaurant on the Oltrarno side of Florence, Italy, by which I passed on my way home each night after street painting. One night I noticed a cook silhouetted in the doorway taking a break. It was an intriguing image, and I stopped to observe for as long as I could despite how tired I was. I hope that you enjoy this composition in blue, black, white, and purple.

    One of the Italian phrases that I learned when I ran the Open Studio in Florence was "Facciamo una pausa." It means, "Let's take a break." I would say this when it was time for the model to step out of pose for a bit. Then once the break-time was over, I would tell everyone in the room, "Ricominciamo." [Let us start again.]

    This painting was created in pastels -- pure pigment -- on black Firenze-brand paper. Like all of my pastel and charcoal artworks, this one has been treated with a fixative spray.  He is framed with offset white mat, black wood frame, & Museum Glass, and will ship safely to your home or office.

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