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Surprise Moving Sale of Art

Dear Art Lover,

     My brother Steve just sold his home on the lake in Hickory, North Carolina.  Why should you care?  Well, he has my available artworks hanging all over his home and they were NOT included in the sale.  
     I feel horrible that I cannot be there to help him move my things (including my other personal belongings, molds, and art supplies).  So, we had a talk to see what is best for him, as far as logistics go.

     I am doing something unprecedented for me:  having a MOVING SALE!
There are twenty works that I will offer for a limited time at a 30% savings.  
Offer ends on 21 July 2024.   

     Steve will try to get the artworks to the shipper on or before my 60th birthday, 31 July.  "How about them apples?"  Of course, as usual, you will be kept up-to-date in e-mail regarding delivery.  Please specify if you have a specific date or shipping instructions.

To see all of the works on sale,
1)  go to my site at:
2)  Click on the magnifying glass at the top of any page
3)  Enter:  lakehouse
4)  Click on that bar's magnifying glass and see the listings of artworks



Happy shopping!  And happy Independence Day for those from the United States.

Yours truly,

Kelly Borsheim, artist  and Steve, brother extraordinaire (like all of my brothers, actually).

P. S.  Here are a few of the offerings (about half are images from Steve's house, others are mockups or older images):

Pastel painting of a woman reading a letter at a seemingly vacant party in a Tuscan home
pastel drawing in blacks and blues of couple walking in the rain at night Florence, Italy
pastel drawing of Siena Italy graces a corridor wall in a private home
woman and blue panther pastel painting on the wall, with bronze sculpture of a man on the table
painting of the dress on a stone woman above a public fountain in Lucca Italy
sepia pencil drawing of a young woman in bellydance attire reclines on a couch
black, white, brown home decor with charcoal drawing on the wall and marble sculpture on the table
figure sculpture and painting of a standing woman figure sculpture grace this room in a home
Light enters Palazzo Pitti under series of arches in pastel drawing, shown in home office
Still life painting in warm orange Tuscan colors of hearth space in Fiesole home
Romantic pastel drawing of couple with umbrellas walking in the rain at night in Florence, Italy
pastel drawing on black paper of old globe, map, and music with Pinocchio figure, still life art


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