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Introducing artist Dragana Adamov; Fedorouk art, and an Umlauf!

Dear Art Lover,

     Are you up to meet a dear artist friend of mine from Serbia?  We met as we became flatmates in Florence, Italy, in 2008.  Dragana Adamov and I became fast friends and I have even been twice to Serbia to spend time with her family.  I also own one of her paintings.

     Dragana is a stupendous and creative artist and I have just started to post some of her creations on my site, as part of my GUEST ARTIST section (on the menu bar under Sculpture). 

Artists American Kelly Borsheim and Serbian Dragana Adamov in Florence, Italy

Artists Kelly and Dragana in Florence, Italy

     Here, she presents her new compositions created during lockdown for Covid. Her fantasy drawings are now available on designer plates, and foulard scarves.  These items are so new, she has not had time to photograph well everything, but here is your SNEAK PEEK! 

Designer Plates and Designer Scarves by Serbian Artist Dragana Adamov

     You may see all the uploaded designs by using the SEARCH feature on my site, Just type in Dragana and feast your eyes!  Click on "Sculpture" in the menu bar, then scroll to "Guest Artist" or for now, click here:


Charles Umlauf

     This charming, active bronze composition The Kiss is a favorite at the Charles Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum in Austin, Texas, USA.  Shown and available is the smaller version of the large bronze statue that stands in the center of a pond in the museum.  What I personally love about this Kiss sculpture is how the woman's foot seems bent to the max on the outstretched leg because the kiss is THAT GOOD.

    Such a romantic piece, with its high texture, black stone base, and charming pose of an amorous couple.  Detail image here:

Charles Umlauf bronze sculpture The Kiss for SALE now

See more images and information here:

     Charles Umlauf (July 17, 1911 – November 19, 1994) was an American sculptor and beloved teacher.  His most famous student and muse was the actress Farrah Fawcett.  He also worked in Pietrasanta, Italy, where I noticed a large bozzetto (plaster model) of one of his Eve with apple sculptures.

     The above small bronze Kiss sculpture was purchased directly from the Umlauf family in 2011.  And now, we offer it to some lucky and smart collector.  The sculpture weighs 37 pounds and if not picked up in Austin, Texas, USA, it will be well-crated and shipped worldwide once full payment is received.

Contact Borsheim Arts Studio, if interested.


Vasily Fedorouk

     This wonderful composition Love My Planet features a couple seated and intertwined.  Both are reaching to lift up a large crystal ball, that represents the Earth.

    Please note the detail shot included on its page show the chisel marks left by the artist on the stone.  The texture of the figures contrasts beautifully with the smoothness of the transparent glass ball above them.

     It is this unpolished state of the figures, however, that leads the artist's wife Dilbara to wonder if her husband considered the work finished or not.  Thus, she is offering this stone and glass ball figurative sculpture at an unheard-of low price.

     Take advantage and live with a piece of Vasily's wonderful and meaningful sculptures.  The art will ship from the Chicago, USA, area.  Order online here:

stone and glass crystal ball as a couple reaches to hold up the world sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk

Love my Planet
stone and glass crystal ball
12 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches
Mixed media sculpture
by Vasily Fedorouk (d. 2009)
$2000 US

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(Gift certificates for Dragana's Designs are on each of her product pages.  Check them out using my site's SEARCH function!)


New Year's Eve ~ Painting

     Is any newsletter from me complete without some of MY creations? hahaha.
     New Year's Eve:  an interesting phrase which contains a beginning and an ending.  Also, what interested me besides the healing, was that often in realistic art, one hears the intended compliment "That looks like a photo!"  I was curious if I could paint a photo and paint more painterly within the same artwork and have you, the viewer, clearly see the difference.
Read the back story here: 
New Year's Eve a wedding photograph flies off into the sunset admit turmulous clouds
New Year's Eve
75 x 100 cm (30 x 40 inches)
Oil on Canvas, including metallic paint in the sunset
Framed, unless request to buy only the canvas, see note on the artwork page
copyright 2012 - 2020 Kelly Borsheim


New Features ~ Search the Site!

I really wanted to create a site that is USER-FRIENDLY, as well as attractive on laptops and on smart phones.  And yet, I still wanted the flexibility to change things, especially correct typos and grammar mistakes.  [I know, I should not proof my own work!]

To that end, I am thrilled now to have a search function and am working hard to make sure that I fill out all descriptive phrases I can think of that you might look for so that you may FIND art that moves you. 

Other perks of this new site:  Choose your currency:  I offer four:  US dollars, Canadian dollars, the Euro, and the Pound.  Also you will see below where you choose your preferred currency that I am now able to accept many different forms of payment.  So convenient!

Here are some images I created to show you more about the search feature and other perks.  The first is on your phone, the second is for your laptop viewing. 

Happy surfing!

Instructional image for how to find search, art menu, currency, and more features on your smart phone

Instructional image for how to find search, art menu, currency, and more features on your laptop or computer 


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      Thank you so much to my patrons on Patreon!  I just finished taking a course on color with Casey Klahn in Seattle, an artist I have admired for over ten years.  In the online class, we used pastels, but we worked more with understanding color, terminology, and trying to find our natural taste or voice in color.  It was a Beta class to help Casey clarify some of his latest color teaching techniques and I jumped at the opportunity using some of the funds from my charming patrons. 

So, THANK YOU Patrons:  Sheila, Shirley, Travis, Richard, Jeanne, Lloyd, and Igor! 

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      Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it.  I feel pretty grateful to the string of winter holidays we have to look forward to, no matter how very different this year certainly is worldwide.  My personal favorite is the solstice because I am often looking towards the heavens in contemplation and wonder.

Peace and thanks,


~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer
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