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Solo Man walks down a decrepite alley Going Home Fez Morocco Walking in Alley Black and White Charcoal Drawing Framed and Matted with Glass ORIGINAL Art

Going Home Fez Morocco Passages Walking in Alley Black and White Art

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Passages ~ Morocco:  An Art Exhibition by Kelly Borsheim

(all copyrights 2013-2014 reserved by the artist)
A Collection of Eleven Artworks

Going Home

  • (Fez, Morocco)
  • 46 x 64 cm (18 x 25 in.)
  • Charcoal on Italian-made paper
  • ©  Kelly Borsheim

     A solo adventure in Fez, Morocco some years ago led me away from the tourist centers of town, looking at the light falling around the architecture. The solitary figure carrying two bags, one in each hand, enchanted me as he walked away from me, right into the light.    

     And I would like to present to you the first in the new art collection/exhibition titled, "Passages - Morocco."  I hope you enjoy your travels and can also journey with me for a bit longer . . .


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The Artist:

Artist Kelly Borsheim in Fez, Morocco Photo by Simone Crew 2012

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