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Cement and Art, Gift Giveaway, Prepare for Cyber Week!

Hello and Happy November Art Lover!

     The last time I wrote to you, Chris Lloyd, Owner at Everything Austin Apartments in Austin, Texas, offered a give-away art prize worth $50 US with me for those who became subscribers to his site/services.  The lucky winner was Barbara Dunnam.  Chris was so happy with the event that he suggested another businessman friend do the same.  

     Thus, this time, Chris Duell of Austin Concrete Pros is hosting an art give-way to beautify your home or office.  He writes:

   "I think your Fish Lips bathroom image is a really good example of what can be done with concrete.  When people think about concrete (if they think about concrete at all), they think about things like cinder blocks, warehouses, or parking lots. They probably think grey, bland, and boring. They certainly don't think 'beautiful.'
   We at Austin Concrete Pros aim to change that. We know that concrete can be as colorful and beautiful as you can imagine. With modern techniques it can be any color or texture you want. That's why we're so excited to partner with Kelly to make your home beautiful, inside and out.
   We want to give you a $50 gift card to help you bring Kelly's work to your home or office.  All you have to do is go to our website and fill out our contact form and asked to be entered into the giveaway by Saturday Nov 26.  We look forward to talking with you more."

Link to site:
To enter, just fill out the form on the home page with your name and number (so the winner can be contacted) and in the blank for "What do you need help with?" please write something, such as "Subscribe and enter the art giveaway drawing."  

Fish Lips contemporary marble sculpture is shown in this elegant bathroom with large white tub and grey travertine stone walls.

     Note from Kelly at BorsheimArts:  Your certificate will be awarded directly from me, with me fulfilling your order WITHOUT any storefront or Web site.  You have several shops online of mine to choose what you would like (as well as from the guest artists' works on my site), but for the gift to work, do not order off of any site.  You show me what you want in an e-mail or message and I send it to you.  If the value of the art item(s) you want is more than $50 US, then I will create a special listing for you on my site to pay the difference only.  

this detail image of a living room with white couch and plant stand has beautiful concrete floors and a print of a woman with a blue panther framed above the couch.  Art giveaway promotion with Concrete Pros of Austin, Texas, and BorsheimArts

Above:  This print of a lovely woman in "come hither pose" with her other half of the hunting blue panther looks great over a stunning concrete floor in this living room scene.

Stargazer is a white marble carving of a seated woman leaning back to see the stars above.  Set here in a creme concrete outdoor patio area with palms.
  Stargazer is a white marble carving of a seated woman leaning back to see the stars above.  Set here in a creme concrete outdoor patio area with palms.


Venice Shoe is an illustration of a Venetian gondola as a shoe design, with man gondolier, the Lion of Venice, Italy, the Grand Canal, and more Venetian symbols, shown here as a print on metal and displayed outdoors in the infinity pool area.

   Venice Shoe is an illustration by Serbian-Italian artist Dragana Adamov.  It is inspired by her love of shoe design, using Venetian symbols:  the shoe as a gondola, with gondolier, the Lion of Venezia, the Grand Canal, and Italian architecture.  Shown here is a gorgeous outdoor patio area next to the infinity pool.

CYBER SALE on Etsy shop BorsheimArts

   To help you get the most out of the gift from Chris at Austin Concrete, the entry deadline is before this Etsy sale expires.  And useful for all is that I am participating in Etsy's Cyber Sale with my shop:  BorsheimArts.  
Etsy Cyber Week Sales Date:  Nov 18, 2022 6:00 AM—Dec 1, 2022 6:00 AM
Your offer:  Discount: 20% off when you buy 2 items, prices in my Etsy shop range from $2.59 to $4600, so potential savings are dramatic during this event only.

   I have started to create smaller art products that are also functional... the newest are printable art bookmarks.  A great way to make your own stocking stuffers, satisfy the readers in your life, or even use them as gift tags on the presents you give.  Print as many as you like for personal use, making these unique art gifts an even better value.

Bookmark set of 5 variations on the charcoal drawing "Library of Dreams" make great gifts for the readers in your life.

   The other great thing about my printable art products is that you may buy and enjoy from anywhere in the world, and with no shipping delays.

     However, there are also original artworks and prints that I make, PHYSICAL artworks, available and if you are giving those for holiday gifts, please factor in that this is a busy time for all and that there have been delays in shipping that may also happen this year.  

Cozy on up with your favorite book and tea and then save your place with art bookmarks that you print and use yourself.  So convenient!

set of five digital download art bookmarks... great stocking stuffers.  Bookmark too bent and worn?  No worries, print another page and get five more to trim and use.

Above:  printable set of five bookmarks based on my original charcoal drawing of a stack of antique books and an old oval frame.  This design is titled "Library of Dreams."

Download here:

Your favorite bookmarks get old and frayed?  Buy printable bookmarks and then print new copies as needed to keep living the art-filled life.  Here is Library of Dreams.


Portrait Bust commission and Patreon Supporters Benefits

   I recently started on a slightly larger-than-life bronze portrait commission.  Here is a taste of the start of the project.  Art patrons of all levels get to see the behind-the-scenes progress on this artwork and others, too.  Everyone is appreciated, so if this sort of content interests you, become a patron at any level.  Startup and stop whenever you like.  Thank you!


Portrait bust as work in progress in clay, on a stand next to a plastic skeleton and a board full of subject photos.

Stay safe, live well, and send me your comments and/or questions.

Kelly  Borsheim

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